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8 Considerations When Choosing a Child Therapist



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Over the last few years, behavioral and adolescent issues in children have marginally risen in across the nation and Mississippi is at the top of the list. Every 1 child out of 5 children between the ages of 7 to 19 in Mississippi suffers from so degree of mental issues. To help counter this problem, various non-profit organizations provide social services, educational help, and psychological therapy in Mississippi. For the children in their adolescence, the Churches here often organize Youth Camps and retreats to help children learn social skill, sharing and team building. Certain NGOs hold workshops for free family and child counseling too.

Owing to the factors like dependence on social media, bullying, and pressure from school as well as peers, children are exposed to mental stress and behavioral issues from many different places. Therapy and counseling can significantly benefit these children. When choosing a child therapist, it is important to go for the most well trained and scientifically forward psychologist because with children, the right approach is crucial.


Here are the eight things you should consider before choosing a child psychologist:

1- A Professional license is the most necessary qualification.

The cases of fraud psychologists are never ending. A proper vocational training in child psychology and knowledge of most recent scientific approaches is needed. Whether it is a social counseling provider or a professionally based therapist, make sure they have a certification from the state. Although that does not guarantee whether they are good at their job, nonetheless it does assure that someone experienced is treating your child. You could also ask for references to check results.

2 – The field of specialization of the counselor.

Finding a child psychologist in Mantachie Mississippi can be a tough task since numerous licensed psychologists are specializing in different types of fields like family therapists, psychiatrists, marriage counselors, social workers, etc. Each of these professionals has different qualifications. It is better to choose a clinical child psychologist for your child since they have a doctorate (Ph.D.) in this field. You can further inquire about their methods and approaches to be sure that a particular psychologist is right for your child.

3 – Get an insight into the training of the psychologist.

As it goes without saying, there are numerous child psychologists in or near Mantachie Mississippi and out of them, finding a thoroughly well trained, exceptionally skilled and highly experienced one can be tough. However, you can always judge their qualification by checking out where they have received their doctorate and the postdoctoral training. A psychologist who has received an APA-approved clinical internship is easily the best of the lot. Likewise, a therapist with clinical Ph.D. and a University based Psy.D. can be said to have thorough knowledge about his field because these courses are exceptionally tough and very few students get enrolled in these courses.

4 – Go for a board certified psychologist.

When it comes to kids, no amount of precautions you take is enough. Examine the practitioner’s license, degree, and specialization. If you are still unsure, you can go for a board certified psychologist. A board certified clinical child psychologist would have the letters ‘ABPP’ written after their name. To be board certified, a psychologist has to have several years of experience in providing psychotherapy after getting licensed. Getting your child treated by a board certified psychologist means giving your child in experienced hands.

5 – What does your child need – a school psychologist, a clinical psychologist or a counselor?

Finding the kind of therapist that is relevant to your child’s need is a crucial step towards their improved mental health. If your child is having issues that are common among children of his age like difficulty in adjusting or not being able to socialize, it’s more likely a counselor is what your child needs. Schools often have great Counselors on staff. Counselors build trust, give them a safe space and can get them to open up about their problems and gradually work through their issues.

School psychologists can be contacted in tougher situations like harming others or self, severe behavioral problems, difficulty at school and bullying. They usually evaluate your child by conducting certain therapies and working with teachers to improve participation and spontaneity of your child.behavioral problems, Mississippi kids

The services of a Clinical Psychologist are needed when your child is having an issue that can have a long lasting impact. These problems can prevent them from having a balanced, happy and prosperous life. The impact from incidents like child abuse, death in the family and separation of parents can cause such issues among children.

6 – The theoretical orientation of treatment that the therapist provides.

As a parent, you are responsible for everything that your child is asked and subjected to by a psychologist. Therefore, before you settle down for a particular child therapist get an insight into their methodology, what scientific approaches they use, do they incorporate Christian beliefs, then decide whether it’s the right choice for your child. Certain scientifically evident treatments work in case of children, and the therapist you choose should be aware of those conventional approaches. Moreover, regulations allow psychologists to provide treatments for fields that they are trained in. Therefore, before you choose a psychologist, ask them whether they are trained and experienced in child psychology.

7 – Discuss with your family doctor.

If you have a family doctor or physician, it is better to discuss your child’s behavioral problems with him. Although physicians are not trained in handling such cases, he might be able to suggest you a psychologist that is ideal for your child’s situation. You can make further inquiry about the psychologist with ease, and there is also the security of your family doctor’s assurance. You can also discuss with the teachers at your child’s school since they might have seen such cases before and can guide you better in your search for the right child therapist.

8 – Do not fall prey to excessively high prices.

Psychological treatments are usually carried out by following similar procedures, especially in the case of children. Therefore, if you see a therapist charging way higher than other clinical child psychologists, you should probably avoid him. The treatments and therapies used for helping children with psychological issues are a few scientifically evident ones, and most of the therapists follow the same few treatments.


These factors shall help you narrow down on the finest and most experienced child therapist in Mantachie. In addition to providing therapy, you can also get your child involved in activities at local churches in your area so that his issues gradually get resolved. In order to free the child for behavioral problems, understanding your child is the most important step. Be a cooperative, understanding and patient parent to tackle your child’s mental problems.